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What Does It Look Like?

How Do Users Say About It?

David Fonseca

"I'm really happy with LearnObit. It's easy to structure the knowledge. And it's easy to memorize them. When the notes comes together, I start to make connections between them. And I also change the way I review, on Anki I Always read the answer (to confirm) before rating the note. On LO, I can rate it immediately and don't worry to read everything."


"Ive been looking for something like this for a long time, great app!"

I’m a lightbulb

"I think LO has a great potential though, it is the first time I am so interested in a productivity app! I'll keep promoting it!"


"WOW. I have been looking for EXACTLY this tool for a long time. Anki user for many years and I've always thought that the combination with tree structure notes would make it so much more powerful."


"Love it! I am in the process of making the same to import Dynalist to anki but there is no need now. You are a genius and I am all in for your product. If I can help with dev or testing in any way, I’m here"

SiWu Wen

"LearnObit seems super fun and the tree structure of memorising works surprisingly well (especially as it requires you to answer different nodes of the learning tree at once, making you compare them so instead of rote memorisation (like Anki) it just helps you understand the differences between nodes better)"


"I am feeling wasteful that I am not using LO to the max."


"Looks awesome! I’ll check it out and looking forward to new advancements! I’ve been looking for something like this"

Oliver Adams

"I should say, I do like it when I get a bunch of questions together about one topic grouped together rather than fragmented. LO is better than Anki because you get to work within a hierarchical structure, and taking advantage of that clustering is valuable."


"You are amazing!!!! I’ve been wanting to find something like this for a while. The fact that you made it is so WOAH."

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What Is LearnObit?

(Short Answer: It's a web app that uses algorithms for learning based on Spaced Repetition,
along with a specialized note-taking tool)

The web is full of apps for tree-structured notes,
and they do a fantastic job at organizing information

There are also plenty of spaced repetition tools,
helping people retain maximum information with minimal time and effort time

At LearnObit, they are combined

Take notes in a tree structure

And use its one-of-a-kind learning methods

Generate cloze tests
from your media

(Not just images but also with drawings, code, and LaTeX)

Make spreadsheets
out of simple knowledge pairs

(i.e., flashcards)

Then it'll create tailored courses for you to optimize your learning
using its own algorithms and tricks

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Why LearnObit

Traditional tools like Anki use a simple prompt-and-recall method to help you learn,
giving you prompts one by one with flashcards

LearnObit allows you to learn your notes in a more structured way
This makes it far easier to learn information

While simple pairs are useful for foreign language vocabulary,
more general subjects (like Math or History) require different techniques

Of course, it also allows users to conveniently create flashcards
while using the note-taking feature

(Long Answer: What is the difference between it and Anki?)

Outlining apps are not directly comparable to LearnObit

Firstly, outlining apps don't generally have a dedicated Spaced Repetition feature

While they can be useful for flexibly organizing ideas and thoughts or using a tree structure to plan,
they're not designed for studying

In contrast, LearnObit specializes in organizing knowledge
and helping you digest it through algorithms and tricks

However, it's not suitable for general purposes, like standard outlining apps

It's recommended to use both outlining apps and LearnObit, but for different purposes

RemNote and LearnObit have a lot in common
— they both integrate a spaced repetition algorithm into a tree structure note-taking tool

But LearnObit has some unique advantages

For one, LearnObit is closer to a full integration of note-taking and spaced repetition and other tricks

RemNote is more of a general note-taking or outlining tool with a few added features built in

Here's why it's different

1. LearnObit applies structure to everything
It doesn't just give form to your notes, but also to Spaced Repetition methods

When you use it to memorize information,
it uses data from your unique learning situation and how you make your notes to generate tailored courses
Over time, LearnObit will continuously organize your notes into different chunks
to allow you to learn them in different ways,
ensuring a more solid understanding
It also dynamically changes which notes it shows you first
Using structure, you can even tell LearnObit how and what you want to learn
Finally, it has a selection of tricks you can implement to learn your notes and alter the spaced repetition algorithm
(Read More: Differences between LearningObit and other spaced repetition tools in logic)

2. LearnObit offers various ways to organize the notes you want to learn
These include transforming media into cloze tests
and making spreadsheets out of simple knowledge pairs (i.e., flashcards)

3. The interface on LearnObit is simpler and more intuitive than anything else available

4. LearnObit has various unique features
These include multiple windows, predicted ratings, ChatMemo, and the ability to create media on the spot


Integrated Learning Tricks

Text Cloze

Logic Symbols in Plain Text

Bi-directional Linking

Multiple Windows That Can Interact with Each Other

Predicted Ratings


Flexible Settings on How and What to Learn

Exporting Data to Anki

Importing & Exporting Data

Markdown & LaTeX

Creating Media Quickly On The Spot


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